Sunday, May 17, 2015

Fit Only For Kindling

I’m a little irritated at right now. Our Kindle Fire literally caught on fire this morning. It was shooting out sparks and lit up the charging cable like a candle. (other devices connected to the same outlet were fine, so it’s clearly a Kindle problem, not a cable/outlet problem.)

Basically, the only reason no one got hurt was because I was the one using it instead of the kids. If the 3 year old had been watching Dora at the time, we’d have had a major crisis.

Anyway, Amazon says that since it’s over a year old, they won’t replace it or repair it. They just offer a discount on the purchase of a new Kindle.

When I googled, I couldn’t find anyone else who had this happen, so I’m blogging the even so other people realize:

Apparently the original Kindle Fire HD fails CATASTROPHICALLY when it goes. So, be aware. Amazon does not yet recognize this as a real problem, but if it happens to you, you’re not the first.

Also, needless to say, we will not be purchasing Kindles in the future, since they don't seem to take catastrophic failure seriously.

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