Sunday, April 5, 2015

A New Diversion

Recently, my work-work projects have been really... intellectually challenging. And exhausting. So, to motivate me in my paid labor, I've decided to have some fun with my unpaid labor.

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during the Easter Season, I'll post a chunk of my novel-in-progress,

How I Became a Mad Scientist by George Ramondi (as told to his probation officer).

I figure the discipline will get me back into the routine of writing and editing fiction. And, maybe I'll entertain some people in the process.  I've consumed a ton of free online entertainment over the years in the form of graphic novels and web comics....  It's time for me to give back.

So, stay tuned for my Tween Novel, "How I Became a Mad Scientist."  It's the story of how a normal kid from Tell City, Indiana, inadvertently joined the ranks of super-villains like Lex Luther, Dr. Octopus, and Dr. Horrible.

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