Thursday, January 8, 2015

Links to Selected Web Publications

I'm updating my LinkedIn profile, and I have too many web publications to put them in individually.

This post will be a mega-list of things I've published online. I'll update it regularly, but it's not really interesting unless you're planning on hiring me.

Print Publications
Short Stories
“The Poetry Quilt.” Highlights For Children. April 2014. Winner of “Author of the Month” award.
“Tough Shell”. Clubhouse Magazine. March 2008.
“How Zebra Learned to Hide.” Clubhouse, Jr. Magazine.  March 2007.
"Bill's Trick." Highlights High Five. Date Not Set

  "Morning Greeting". Celebrate. November 2007
  "Evening Lullaby". Celebrate November 2007.
  "The Geese". BabyBug Magazine. November 2006.
"Baa-Baa Lamb". Wee Ones. March/April 2006.
"Monkey Bars". Spider Magazine. Date not set.
"Swinging" The Friend. Date not set.
 "My First Garden" The Friend. Date not set.

Selected Web Publications

CK12 Foundation:

CK12 Foundation (Continued):

Tom’s of Maine:



Personal  Mommy Blogs:

Other Posts:

Ebooks Available on Amazon:


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