Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Simcha Fisher Made Us Draw These

The girls and I are doing the 'summer drawing club' with Simcha Fisher. This week's assignment was to do a set of 'before' pictures: A person from memory, a self-portrait, and a sketch of your hand.

Here are our results. Clearly, we need the class!

10 year old's hand

10 year old's self portrait

10 year old draws 2 year old from memory

8 year old hand

8 year old draws friend from memory

8 year old self portrait

My Hand. I'm apparently a zombie.

My person from memory. Except the ADHD kicked in and I couldn't HOLD one person in memory. So this is more of a pastiche... of random people that I've seen in places... or maybe deep insight into my memory of 'person.' Or just random. Look, I'm really, really bad at remembering faces, OK? If you change your glasses, I won't recognize you!

Self portrait, from an ipod pic instead of a mirror because if I sit by the mirror, the toddler attacks.

Anyway, good clean drawing fun! If you want to join in, head over to Simcha's Place!


Sara McD said...

I wish I could get my kids to participate! Your self-portrait looks much less zombie-ish than your hand. :)

Deirdre Mundy said...

Hands are really, really hard. The last time I took an Art Class was in college (part of core requirements), but I've NEVER figured out hands!

My kids draw A LOT. My school room is frequently carpeted in discarded drawings. Even the toddler will be quiet for an hour or more with unlimited scrap paper and pencils.

So the big girls were thrilled to get to do this!

Maybe your kids would go along if you promise not to post pictures?

Jess fayette-writes often said...

I am so glad to see others linking up! Great sketches... can't wait to see where we are at the end!