Friday, November 22, 2013

5 Reasons the Democrats should Impeach Obama Now

How can Democrats deal with the total meltdown of ACA, the exploding scandals, and bleak prospects for 2014. Sure, going nuclear yesterday was something. Not a great something, but something. But if Reid wants to save his caucus, it's time to go beyond nuclear. He needs the equivalent of the Death Star. He needs... to impeach Obama.

1. It steals the Republicans’ thunder.


With the ACA meltdown, the political narrative has suddenly shifted. Suddenly, those crazy, filibustering, lunatic, libertarian-leaning right-wingers like Cruz and Paul look like defenders of the little guy. Plus, if Obama lied about the ACA, it suddenly becomes plausible that he lied about Benghazi, the IRS, the employment data, Fast and Furious, etc.  Right now, the Republicans can pound all of these scandals. Impeach Obama, and the scandals go away.

2. It’s a better set-up for 2016.
Look, we all know Hillary is the chosen one, bound to be the next president. Except—she got her hands dirty in a lot of the Obama scandals too. Man, that is going to be one messy election. On the other hand, if you impeach and remove Obama, Biden is suddenly the incumbent. He’s stayed out of the spotlight and away from the decision-making apparatus. He looks clean. He could win.

3. Biden knows how to work with the legislative branch.
President Biden would treat the Senate better. He’d know how to compromise. He’d be easier for Democratic senators and representatives to work with. And, when he made impossible off-the-cuff statements, people would just say “Oh, that’s Joe being Joe.” No redlines, no broken promises, no weird international incidents.

4. It would make the Democrats look like they’re above politics.
Right now, the Democratic Party is driving away independents with its fanatical devotion to Obama.  Congressional leaders would rather throw their colleagues up for reelection under the bus than admit that they made mistakes. Impeaching Obama changes the game. Suddenly, the Democrats are putting principles above party. They’re nobly doing what’s best for the country, even if it means standing up to a sitting president, one who was the very embodiment of all of their hopes.  It changes the story from “Democrats fail” to “Democrats are heroes.”

5. It would be really interesting to watch.
So, why am I, a libertarian-leaning pro-lifer giving advice to the “Evil Party?” Because an impeachment would be really interesting. It would be a great history lesson for my kids. It would make the morning paper fun again. Besides, I’m a gamer. I’ve been known to give my opponents advice to keep them from self-destructing, even if it means that they may come back and beat me in the end. Why? Because it’s just painful when one player is so blindly focused on an unattainable goal that they melt down.

Come on, Harry. Do you want “He defended Obama to the end” to be your legacy? Impeach Obama. It’s the only way to save your party.

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