Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Randomness

For some reason, MY clothes never get washed clean in the blood of the lamb.... 

So, I was reading what Simcha Fisher had to say about Jennifer Fulwiler's health issues and I thought, "I'm so glad that nothing scary or traumatic ever happens to us." And then I realized that last year, until Ada miraculously (literally) got better, WAS that scary or traumatic thing. At the time, I couldn't see how I'd endure from one day to the next, and I couldn't understand why God was throwing so much at me. And then one day, out of the blue, it was over.

And now, I forget how miserable I was before.

Easter's a lot like that, I think. After the darkness of Good Friday, it's suddenly all daffodils and Eucharists and candy and sunshine, and anything painful that went before just doesn't matter anymore because NOW is so good.  I guess that's a foretaste of the Resurrection of the Dead, too.

Anyway, a random thought, so I'm sharing. Now, back to the laundry, because we just got back from a trip, which means 56 complete outfits to wash! That's a lot of wash.....

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