Friday, January 4, 2013

Taking Time Out to Read

I've been taking some time out to read recently, as I recover from a particularly nasty flu which has swamped Perry County.

So, here are my recent reads, with a few comments.

I won a copy of this book when Elizabeth Scalia hosted a blog contest. On the same day the book arrived in the mail, the electronic copy I'd requested from my library came in. Clearly, I was meant to read this book. I enjoyed the whole journey, but my favorite chapter was the one on Edith Stein. I realized that I need to give this saint a bit more of my time and attention, and plan to go hunting for some of her works on women and family.

I also recently read
I had tried to read 'Mortal Engines' a few years ago. While I found the setting interesting, Reeve's characters and plotting fell flat. He corrected those problems with Fever Crumb, where he created an intriguing main character and a harrowing plot. I can't wait to pick up the sequel when I hit the library again.

At the request of my third grader, who wants me to read and love whatever she does, I've recently started reading the Sisters Grimm series again.

I read and enjoyed the first one when it came out, but my daughter is tearing through the series and insists that I read them all as soon as she's done. They're fun, quick, popcorn reads, and I don't mind. Besides, reading them leads to very animated breakfast conversations with my daughter.

I also recently read  this book, because I loved Princess Academy (as did my daughter.) The sequel was a fun read, full of romance and revolution but still appropriate for my third grader, who is intellectually precocious, but emotionally nine. It's a must read for fans of the original, and I don't know how I missed its release!

Anyway, there's my quick, shallow, and goofy reading wrap-up. Since I'm recovering from the flu, I'll have to set the novels aside and go back to the copywriting mines..... those SEO-oriented blogposts don't write themselves... (Yet... I'm toying with the idea of seeing if I could be replaced with a computer program.... because it's an amusing thought.)

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