Saturday, November 19, 2011

Not the Background I Promised on the La Porte County Public Library

Because the La Porte Herald Argus just put the latest installment of the La Porte County Public Library saga online!  In a nutshell, Fonda Owens was director of the La Porte County Public Library, but now she's back to interim director. It's even crazier than that though, because she's also the woman who orchestrated the coup to get the last director fired.  Mike Essling is the chairman of the La Porte County Public Library Board.  It's a volunteer position - his day job is with INDOT. He's the one Fonda Owens persuaded to fire the previous direction, and, in the meeting of October 27, he claimed that he was personally involved in choosing which employees to cut.

But the biggest issue is that they did everything in secret, with no chance for taxpayer comment.  Indiana Open Door law forbids this.  But I'll have a crash course on the Open Door Law in the next post, followed by a transcript of the meeting where they broke it, so you can see for yourselves! (I'll also post the audio of the meeting.  One great thing about Indiana law is that citizens are strongly encouraged to tape all public meetings and disseminate the recordings to the public at large. )

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