Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Public Service Announcement Concerning Librarians

Today is the Feast of St. Lawrence, Deacon and Martyr.  He’s also the patron saint of Librarians and Archivists.   So say a prayer for your local librarian today. 

I wanted to pass on something very important about your public librarian.  HE WANTS TO HELP YOU.    This shouldn’t be a revolutionary statement, but apparently, some people are afraid to ask for help. 

Whenever I recommend consulting the public librarian in internet forums, people react with disbelief.   “Well, sure, that’s fine if you’re really good friends with the children’s librarian, but who will help me find excellent books about the Civil War?”

Librarians don’t get paid a lot.  Their benefits aren’t particularly great.  They took the job because they love recommending books to patrons and want to help people find the information they need.  Chances are, if you’re looking for information on a unit like “Middle Ages” or “Civil War,” they won’t even need to look for books for you – they actually spend some of their time compiling lists of good resources on popular topics.

So, ask you librarian for help.  She’s not like the lady down at City Hall who seems to exist to give people the runaround or like the cranky teen at the fast food place who resents you for interrupting her texting so you can order some fries.   Your librarian wants to help. All you have to do is ask.


Anonymous said...

HI i would just like to comment on your post a while back that i saw, it was about the consecrated life. first, i would like to know how you have heard so much about this life that you are able to write a post about it. Second, these people saved my soul. in middle school, i was beginning to drift into the 'norms' of life that is probably not right. these people saved my soul and i can understand how many people can be stongly opposed by them, as was i when i first met them. i was somehow given the grace by God to open my heart and listen to what they were preaching. and to this day i thank God he gave me that grace because i dont know where i would be without these women. Yes, they may have strange rules and such, but you have to give them a chance. i thought they were runing their lives by doing this but they truely do this for the love of God. when i look at them, i see brightness and Christ's love radiating out of them. they are my heroes for many reasons and that will never change. I wish you would let them somehow ccome into your life and give them a chance, not thinking about the sterotypes they face.
please let me know how you know all of this. and, they do care. they care alot and because of this my eyes are opened to living a good Catholic life.

i will pray for you.
in Christ,

Deirdre Mundy said...

Hey Anon-- you (or a different Anon) posted this comment, word for word, in March as well. Curious....

Basically, any observer can see the Canon Law problems with the 3Gf. That is why the Vatican ordered a visitation. Right now, I'm waiting for the results to see how things shake out, but for the time being, while these women are well-intentioned, they're trapped within and working to support a corrupt system.

If you compare them to other religious orders that were NOT founded by criminals, the differences are stark.

Also, a side note- a group of women can't "save your soul." Only Jesus can do that.