Wednesday, December 15, 2010

More on the Legion

From the UK Catholic Herald.  Once again, a major problem with the new norms is that they do NOT amount to the repudiation of Maciel.  They are simply about the PUBLIC repudiation of Maciel.  But, in order to survive, the Legion cannot just change outward appearances.

Any real reform has to happen at the roots. 

It's like dandelions-- if you cut the leaves and flowers, you have not changed the plant.  The root of the weed is still there, beneath the surface, and when conditions are ripe, it will grow again.

To remove a weed, you must completely remove the root.  And then, you must plant something else, something GOOD, in the same soil, so that there's not an empty space for the weed to re-colonize.

Without a total refounding, how can the Legion ever be anything but what Maciel created it to be?

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