Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Legion Leaders Work to Avoid Embarassment

I was going to take a break from Legion-blogging for a while. At this point, I don't have anything new to contribute - thanks to the steadfastness of the internet, anyone who is interested can check out this blog’s archives, or click on the tags for Legion-related editorializing.

Still, even after closely following this mess for nearly 2 years, I found the latest announcement from Legion –Land baffling. (The Spanish is available over at Life-After-RC. The Catholic News Agency report tones down the problematic nature of the original.)

This announcement is more proof that the men running the Legion just don’t understand the nature of the “Maciel Problem.”

The Vatican declared their founder devoid of scruples or religious sentiment. (See the May 1 Communique) Yet the solution seems to be to ban all PUBLIC devotion to Maciel. LC/RC members may still meditate on his writings IN PRIVATE. Even worse, priests are allowed to use his words as the basis for talks and homilies, as long as they don’t cite the source.

The whole approach seems to be one of avoiding embarrassing questions. (“Father, why are you quoting a known child-molester and ‘false prophet’  in your talks?”) Instead, the devotion to the founder can continue, and his words can still be used to mold hearts and minds – as long as nobody openly discusses what’s going on.

At this point, I have a hard time believing that there can be any authentic reform of the Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi, especially if members are still using the founder’s writings for their spiritual formation.

If a house is founded on sand, the solution is not to keep living in it and to hope the ground magically repairs itself. It’s not to build the same structure in the same place. It’s to find new, firm ground and build a new, stable house. If there’s to be a reform or refoundation, this latest document shows why it can’t come from within. I

 think, like the Fils-De-Marie/ Missionary Society of Mandeville case, any real reform and refounding is going to have to come from the men who’ve left. It seems that those who stay have not yet grasped what it means to follow a spirituality set out by a false prophet.

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Roger said...

So true, 'Mommy'. This is hardly a distancing of the congregation from its founder. As things stand, I must agree with you. Everything is headed for ruin while the charade continues...