Tuesday, December 7, 2010

An Experiment Born of a Midnight Joke

I'm starting a new blog.  About sofas. And couches and davenports too.  Why? Because my husband dared me to.  I'll still keep blogging politics, religion, education, kidlit and anything else that catches my fancy from this site.

BUT, over at http://sofanyms.blogspot.com/ , I'll be making a concerted effort to become the internet's premier sofa-blogger.   Why?  Probably because I dropped myself on my head as a baby!  Also, because anything is interesting, if you research it enough.

Besides, the snows have started up here in Lake-effect land.  Obsessing about sofas will make the dark months go faster.

And yes, I am bizarre, and possibly insane.  It's probably genetic.


Jen Raiche said...

Totally random, but brave. Good for you! I love it! Godspeed!

John said...

Kudos on the new blog and investigating the underappreciated subject of sofas. Goodness knows, I can hardly throw stones when it comes to being bizarre and tenuously connected to sanity...Good luck!

Anonymous said...

highly insane