Friday, November 26, 2010

Newsflash: Kids get distracted at school....

No wonder the newspapers are dying if is what passes for news these days.

We didn't have cell phones and twitter when I was in school, but we still procrastinated and ignored the teachers.  We just used old fashioned implements like rubber bands, paper clips, pens, and paper.  We flipped pens passed notes, constructed gadgets, and doodled.

Oh, yeah, and we had those new-fangled things called 'windows.'  And we stared out them and daydreamed.

Throughout elementary school, teachers were always banning one fad or another-- because sticker books, friendship pins and Trapper Keepers were distractions.

My parents used to bring comic books and yo-yos to school.

Do you think pioneer newspapers lamented the prevalence of stag beetles and frogs in the classroom?

Children have been distracted in schools as long as there have been schools.  Today's problem is not one of technology or rewired brains.

It's a problem of authority and discipline - of teachers who can't or won't confiscate distractions and of parents who don't care if their child distracts himself and others.

If they didn't have texting, they'd just find something else.....

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julie said...

funny, i thought it was a problem of a lack of engagement with lessons...