Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Brief Fashion Rant

I recently had a birthday and bought a new dress.  I'm blessed to have friends who are great internet shoppers and find me websites with gorgeous retro clothes.  Otherwise I wouldn't have bought anything, and would have resigned myself to church in Khakis.

Because have you been in a mall or looked at dresses on the web recently?  Nearly everything current is also ugly.   Heck, the current dress styles are even making the models look dumpy.  And if it makes the model look dumpy, it's going to make me look.... atrocious.

Maybe we need a federal government blue ribbon panel to investigate the fashion industry for a plot to deliberately prolong the recession -- because until they make something worth buying, why should cash-strapped women buy anything?

Look, I can see your mind working, Mr. Designer Man:  "Oooh.  A recession.  Like the Depression. Poverty. Hopelessness. Dresses from potato sacks! I'll make dresses that make everyone look like they're, like they ARE a sack of potatoes!"

Except, the original 'potato sack dresses' had pretty floral patterns and actual --seams.  And darts. And, dare I say it... style.  The point wasn't 'we're in a depression, so let's look depressed.'  It was about making the best of what you had and making something beautiful from leftovers.

Anyway, I highly recommend the line of dresses at Pin Up Girl Clothing.  Some have a bit too much attitude for a thirty-something Catholic mom looking for a good Church Dress, but others are... gorgeous.  And they carry several variations of 'the sundress of my dreams,' so I'll be saving my pennies, dimes, and birthday money for NEXT year, too! :) 

(Note on 50's style dresses:  I am an apple, so I always shied away from the big skirts, but I'm finding that they actually hide a lot of the remains of multiple childbirths.  With a full skirt, no one SEES that lumpy belly! It's amazing! Almost like dresses used to be designed for women who had...actually given birth! :)  )

We'll now return to our regular schedule of blog posts....  I'm just really excited about getting a new dress! (And really fed up with fashion designers who design UGLY and fill the stores with it!)


Jeannette said...

Let's see:
1) Many designers are gay men.
2) Most models look like 13- year-old boys.
3) Most current fashion looks awful on real women with real curves. It's almost as if (as you pointed out) designers don't really like real women and don't really want us to look good. No, this isn't just since the recession.

julie said...

i agree... current styles do nothing for anyone i know. who had the bright idea to bring 1980s fashion back?

i end up finding pieces that i can belt, tie, or otherwise rig into something that looks good.

(on the bright side, i was recently reading a fashion blog that says the late '50s / early '60s full skirt is on its way back, as are velvets... flattering styles may be on their way back in! :) )

Roz said...

What a fun site. I noticed they sell pasties - did you pick up a pair of those too? :-)