Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Notice to New Readers

I seem to be getting some new readers for the Regnum Christi and Legion of Christ posts, so I wanted to explain, once again, why I’m blogging on these topics.

I know and respect a lot of people involved in these groups. When the Maciel news hit back in 2009, I was completely flummoxed – I tried to ask friends in RC about it, and they met all inquiries with a stony wall of serenity and a few words culled from Legion press releases. It seemed out of character for people who, in other discussions of religion and politics, are smart, funny, passionate and quick to think through implications for larger issues.

Time passed, more news came out, and my friends remained ‘serene.’ So I started researching the group and discussing it on line. And eventually, I started blogging about it.

Maciel conned a vast swath of American Catholics, not just the ones who joined his group. Richard Neuhaus got conned. Mary Anne Glendon got conned. Patrick Madrid got conned. Scott and Kimberly Hahn got conned. Heck, even Servant of God Father John Hardon, SJ got conned.

I got conned. I never joined, but I took the claims about the Legion and Regnum Christi at face value. If I’d run across them in college, I probably would have been set afire, dropped everything, and run off to join the 3gf. If I’d run across them a few years from now, when I will be looking for alternatives to the Girl Scouts, I would have enrolled my daughters in Challenge and tried to get my husband to enroll the boys in Conquest.

Basically, I was saved by timing. My friends, the people who have given many hours and much money to the building of Maciel’s kingdom, joined because, at the time, with the information available, it looked like the right thing to do.

We now know that the “Kingdom of Christ” was not what it claimed to be, that it was built on lies. But many of us on the outside still have friends on the inside. And they’re still ‘serene.’ So we pray, like St. Monica did when her son was trapped in a lie. And we write and we think and discuss and then write some more, hoping that justice will be done, that our friends will be freed and healed, and that next time a conman disguised as a saint comes along, we'll be ready.


Roger said...

It's a little too late to panic at this moment, so, serenity now is probably a good thing-especially since a papal delegate has been announced to revamp the congregation. In fact, we should always remain serene with our heart placed in the Lord. But let's not confuse Christian serenity with a false sense of confidence in a person or an organization that is untrustworthy.We should, in fact be very concerned by the events and state of affairs that the LC and RC are in. And we should even be more concerned about the members who live in denial of the facts- present and past. Let us remember that our faithfulness is owed only to One, Jesus Christ himself- not to a charismatic person nor to an institute, however holy they may be or appear to be.... Perhaps, this is the lesson in all of this. We have replaced Christ with others. It's time to get back to Him.

Roger said...

Addendum: Jesus said, "Let not your hearts be troubled. Have faith in God and have faith in me." So, serenity is in order.

Notice- "faith in God and faith in me." That's the message. Not faith in Fr. Maciel. Not faith in the LC superiors. Not faith in the RC. Not faith in the Constitutions and "approved" statutes and norms. Not faith in my Directors or Directresses..... That's what got so many good souls into this mess in the first place.

Faith in the Church, yes, in its authentic authorities and representatives. Anyone who goes against Christ's law, and portrays himself as his representative, is a phony and an impostor.

First and foremost, then, faith in he who occupies the Chair of St. Peter- not for he himself, but for his Role as Christ's Representative on earth. And faith in anyone who acts truthfully in his name.... going forward, at least. Peace.

Anne-Marie said...

Deirdre, "Googling" your name brings up quite a page of links, LOL. I guess we should set up a time for beer and pizza, apparently it would be good to talk about this in person. I admit I've tried to avoid it until now for a couple reasons, mostly because I preferred to live quietly in an expectant, patient and prayerful attitude while the Vatican's visitation ran its course than to act or speak rashly. Obviously there have been many words spent on speculation and opinion, but none of them would have been helpful to my inner peace. Everybody has an opinion, but in the end the only opinion that matters belongs to the Holy See and I felt it prudent to see what that opinion was before making proper judgements. (Don't get me wrong, I was not awaiting vindication or anything, I have been just waiting.)

The second reason was actually because I didn't want to find myself referenced on the blogosphere, but well, LOL, that happened anyway. However, it does seem you reference your friends kindly, thank you :)

Although the rumor you mentioned of possible "shunning" in this area is distressing. NEVER something I would ever personally condone let alone practice so if something needs remedied I would like to be the first to do so.

Trying to wrap one's head around all these events to grasp their meaning is nigh impossible, but in all things God is still God and He was never deceived. I accept that God used RC to bring about great goods in my life, and I trust that He is still at work now, working through all this mess to bring about good despite the evil or maybe even because of it, so that evil will not have the last word. Faith and hope are splendid gifts indeed.

Anyway, I'll call you about the beer and pizza.


Anonymous said...

Deirdre I have enjoyed your comments at life-after. The fraude, pedophile,embezeling bigamist fooled lots of people. You are very modest, but there is likey some truth in your reflection that you were saved by the timing.
I hope your readers understand that everyones oppinion is important, not just the Holy See's. We are not children or robots. Everyone has to make adult, prudent decisions about their own life. I can't possibly imagine how anyone can continue to be a disciple of maciel after all that has been revealed. Imagine the suffering of the origional seminarians who told of their horror and were disbelieved for decads by the legion of maciel. Thank God they finally have some vindication.