Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sin and Superiors

This account of how Legionaries reacted to Maciel's sinful requests really shook me. 

I thought the following was obvious, but maybe it got skipped in most catechism classes:

God never EVER calls us to sin, because sin seperates us from his love.  If someone orders or encourages you to do something objectively sinful (lie, disobey your bishop, gossip, fornicate, disobey just laws, etc. etc.) then you are OBLIGATED to call them on it.  A superior cannot ask you to do something sinful--if they ask you to sin, they lose their authority over you.  You must NOT obey them.

You must test your superiors commands against the laws of the land, the laws of the church, your conscience and the laws of God.  You cannot break the commandments because 'it's for a good end.'

If your directors in LC/RC ever asked or encouraged you to sin, THEY WERE WRONG.  They were not speaking with God's voice, but with Maciel's.

If they encouraged you to put your pseudo-vocation to RC over your ACTUAL vocation to your marriage, THEY WERE WRONG.

There is no glory in obeying an ungodly command.  There is no salvation in sin.  Please understand.  Some things are OBJECTIVELY sinful.  "I was under orders" is NOT an excuse.

No matter what oath you swore or promises you made, they cannot trump your allegience to the laws of God.  You are NEVER bound to sin. 

If anyone has tried to tell you otherwise, they are not speaking with the voice of God, but with the voice of a criminal.

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