Wednesday, May 5, 2010

George Weigel Doesn't Believe in Crooked Lines Either

George Weigel has an excellent article on the Legion up at First Things.  I'm glad to see one of my favorite Catholic magazines address the Legion Crisis - it's sad when the only place covering a story honestly is the National Catholic Reporter.

Weigel also makes an important point on the nature of good and evil:
To propose that such an unprecedented course of action be seriously considered is not a question of desperate situations calling for desperate measures, but of great evils requiring the remedy of heroic virtue—in this case, the heroic exercise of the cardinal virtues of courage, justice, and prudence.

Great evils require heroic virtue.  This is not a case of "God drawing straight with crooked lines."  This is the case of God giving good men the grace they need to confront evil.   God does not bring good out of evil, but he does give grace to good men so that they can fight evil.

For instance, the Nazi concentration camps were an immense evil created by twisted men.  But Maximilian Kolbe provided a witness to God's love even in that horrific environment.  He answered evil with heroic virtue, and he is a Saint.

God does not call us to ignore or excuse evil.  He calls us to confront it with Justice, Mercy and Love.  This has been one of the weaknesses in Legion formation from the very beginning.  Maciel taught an anemic version of 'love' in the face of evil, mostly to protect himself from repercussions.  Now, the LC/RC must unlearn Maciel's theology and learn the Church's.  The study of saints like Maximilian Kolbe might be a good place to start.


Nat said...
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Deirdre Mundy said...

I don't know-- I think Allen and Berry's coverage has been pretty good--and for a while they were the ONLY paper covering it!

After years of refusing to read the "National Catholic Distorter" I'm suprised at how well they've done.

The comments over at the Register are interesting-- Usually they don't allow such..contraversial... discussion. Do you think it's a sign that the new sheriff's in town?

Nat said...

Mixed up the 2 NCR's in the earlier post.

Whoever did that ADMIN post in that Register combox should write a front page editorial there:

Nat said...
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Nat said...

[yadot cixelsyd]

Reporter ADMIN: ."I agree with [Fr. Cathal] that it won’t be a simple pruning but one that will go much deeper then we can think"

Allen and Berry are taken. If the Reporter has any money left they should try to syndicate Magister ;)

Anon out of RC said...

Thanks for this blog Deidre - this is what has bothered me all year. Where are the saints in this? Where is the courage and fight for justice and truth? I could not believe the Fr Berg and Fr Richard Gill were the only ones who were able to speak out publically against this. It showed me how deep the flawed formation was in "charity" to protect Maciel.

Anonymous said...

The heroes (maybe even saints one day) are the men and women who tried to out Maciel and relentlessly pursued Truth for years while having insults and calumny hurled at them.

Those are the only heroically virtuous people I have seen thus far in this sorry saga. The pope seems to confirm as much when he hails their courage and perseverance (note there was no praise for LC perseverance or courage in there).

Those men and women are the people who have exhibited the true charism (present throughout our Church) of militia christi.

Not the LC, who have basically been rendered deaf, dumb, and blind by the malicious structure of a deviant criminal. Not soldiers, not by a long shot.

Their very behavior belies the name of Legionaries. And that alone is enough to convince me that any charism of militia christi exists much more OUTSIDE the construct of the Legion than within.