Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Triduum = Less blogging, more 'spiritual reading'

I won't be blogging much over the next week-- We'll be having houseguests for the octave of Easter.

And, for the Triduum, I'm rereading my favorite Catholic book of all times, the one that rekindled my faith in college.  The book that I tend to see as an antidote to many of the Legion's woes (though that might be because it's the book that lit the fire for orthodoxy in my heart.)

I first read this book under the direction of an aging Quaker who'd escaped the holocaust and had a great love for history.  I've read it over and over in many seasons of my life-- not just for the spiritual wisdom, but also to better know the man who wrote it...and now that I have kids, to know his mother as well.

Yup.  I'm spending this week with Sts. Augustine and Monica in the Confessions.  So why did I put "Spiritual Reading" in quotes?  Because, frankly, I tend to think of daily 'spiritual reading' as a chore that is supposed to get done.  And I love St. Augustine so much I'd gladly ignore all my chores and spend all day with him.  Well, except that when I ignore my duties, I end up with bodily fluids all over the house.....

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