Friday, March 26, 2010

The Scandal of the Cross..and the LC

Is it just me, or does anyone else find it slightly blasphemous that, in his letter to Regnum Christi members yesterday, Corcuera equated Mary's reaction to "the scandal of the Cross" with the reaction an RC member OUGHT to have when faced with "The scandal of Maciel"

The 'scandal' of the crucifixion is that the Son of God, innocent of all sin, allowed himself to be treated like the worst of sinners in order to save us.  Mary stands by, suffering alongside of him, because she loves him and knows he is doing God's will.

The 'scandal' of Maciel is that a man who claimed to be a living saint who'd 'never said no' to God turned out to be a rapist, a child molestor, an adultorer, an embezzler, and a corruptor of the sacraments.  The RC are suffering BECAUSE of his sins.

Giselle fisks the letter, but actually, I think it's pretty well done. It appeals to the intended audience - people who are looking for any excuse to ignore the hugeness of what Maciel did, and the implications of his life for the LC/RC.  If you want to be convinced that Maciel's crimes are no big deal, that there can be a charism anyway, and that a twisted man can come up with a clean methodology, it's the letter for you.   If you want to keep lying to yourself and risk yourself and your family so that Maciel's lieutenants can continue to thrive, it's the perfect letter.

If you're looking for truthfullness, you're better off reading something else.

(Sorry for any mispellings -- I rushed this off during a nursing spree, but it's a busy, busy day so I won't have time to comment for a while.  Emily from the comments: I will get back to you later today, after I'm done shuttling short people around!)

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