Friday, March 26, 2010

Oh, another thing (before I run to do more kid stuff!)

In his communique, Corcuera says: "For his own mysterious reasons, God chose Fr Maciel as an instrument to found the Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi, and we thank God for the good he did."

Ok.  Yes, it is VERY hard to understand how God would choose Maciel as an instrument to found LC/RC.  Even if you look at it from the perspective of taking care of Maciel, knowing that he had a particular vice (pedaphilia), why on earth would an all-knowing, loving God call him to a life where he would be constantly surrounded by young boys?  It truly is mysterious....

Just like it's mysterious that God would call Madoff to start a financial company, or a flawed character like Margaret Sanger to start a charity organization.....

Of course, there is another possibility.  Perhaps God DIDN'T choose Maciel to start LC/RC. Perhaps Maciel just started it on his own, as a convenient way to get victims and money.....

hmm.... why do I have the sudden urge to shave my legs?

UPDATE: Apparently the "Leg-shaving" joke is falling flat-- it was supposed to be a reference to Occam...


The Monk said...

Deidre - I'm sorry I can't help with the leg-shaving question.

The answer to that question may be more difficult to fathom than why God did or did not choose Maciel.

The facts are that he was an ordained priest (why does God "call" bad people to the priesthood and why does the Church ordain them?).

Why do people called to matrimony get divorced? Why do good people suffer? Why do women get an urge to shave their legs?

Later, MM founded a congregation, which was fully approved by the Church, supported by the Vatican and much of the hierarchy. I am sure everything Maciel did was touched by his personal failings which we now know about in all their sordid details. But, I don't think we can so easily dismiss whatever good God did through the people Maciel recruited.

So,it is wildly speculative to suggest that God didn't call Maciel to start LC/RC. Maybe He did and then, thanks to the whole free-will deal, Maciel let God down. That's the trouble with God - his ways are so mysterious!

Maybe you got it right - it's a 50-50 probability. But maybe you got it wrong.... Meanwhile, at long last, the Legion makes some serious statements.... I say, let's digest them and soon we can judge their sincerity by their deeds. For now we have the words.

Anonymous said...

Monk, we're getting fed-up with your constant, pointless defence of the indefendible.
Get a life.

The Monk said...

Anonymous - I'm not defending. Perhaps you are so angry and obsessed with the LC/RC that you don't see that - and I respect your position. My idea of having a life may not be yours. Mine involves getting past the anger, learning to forgive and trusting the Pope's instincts on this one. Please take this in the spirit that I am saying it. I respect your position. Understand (if you want to) and respect mine. Brainwashing works both ways. Peace.

Anonymous said...

How nice of Monk to respect an opinion in one sentence and to charge brainwashing two sentence later.

Sure got those compartmentalization lessons down pat.

Anonymous said...

It is very difficult to communicate with LC methodology people. There is condescension, duplicity and games. There is often an overuse of spiritualism and emotionalism not directed toward God.
One day he seems to exude mistrust of the Magisterium. The next he is telling us how much he trusts the Pope. (So, lets just be quiet for now unless it is moving the way of the propaganda intends)
Sometimes he says about blogging about the LC - " fun". Then, it is draining. There is no truth. The truth is relative to what is wished to be accomplished with your individual or collective mind, or the reaction one wishes to elicit from a certain group.
And if you don't go along with that, you are unforgiving, angry and do not trust the Pope. Is this a form of the dictatorship of relativism?

Anonymous said...

"Maybe He did and then, thanks to the whole free-will deal, Maciel let God down. "

Considering the stories of how Maciel was heard making weird noises when teaching cathechism to children, I think it's highly likely that Maciel started the LC with the intent to sodomize the seminarians in the first place. I don't know how you determine (if you can) whether somebody is called to start up something, but if that person starts it up with evil intent, I find it hard to believe that "calling" was from God. Seems like the "calling" might have been from the Evil One, instead.

The mothers of those children (the ones that the weird noises were emanating from) went to Maciel's uncle, the Bishop-Saint, with their concerns. He was heard yelling at Maciel, then died suddenly that night.

Maciel was then able to form his band of boys to abuse unhindered by his sainted uncle.

Anonymous said...

"Maybe He did and then, thanks to the whole free-will deal, Maciel let God down."
God calls no one to sin or to create a system of abuse. He calls us to good. People set up bad systems and in fact become masters of them - and no matter how pretty they dress them up, we should not perpetuate them. Why hold onto it? At this point the only answer is delusion or pride.
This type of thing has happened since before the creation of people hasn't it? The key is to have the clarity of mind to realize that we would not want to perpetuate an intrinsically flawed system which possibly serves the wrong kingdom inadvertantly.
And to this day people still have free will to stop serving a system which can't seem to serve God and those in His image before themselves. But peace ... because of His Church, those who choose to take that step and turn away from the wrong master/ and his system and toward God and the Church have the fullness of Christian life ahead of them. I am afraid, one cannot serve that self serving system and the Church without travesty.