Friday, February 12, 2010

Patrick Kennedy's retirement from congress...

From the article in the Boston Herald

Kennedy told the magazine he is not sure what’s next for him, but he wants to
model the next chapter of his life after his late aunt, Eunice Kennedy Shriver,
who founded the Special Olympics. Shriver died shortly before her younger
brother, Ted, last August.

“Service is in my future. I know it as fact
that service is an essential part to maintaining your sobriety,” he said.

Kennedy added: “There’s a hole in the soul that we all try to fill,
sometimes with the wrong things, like booze or drugs. Society would tell us to
fill it with consumerism. But its only really filled through love and service,
by serving a high purpose. By doing God’s will.”

This is really amazing-- could his very public fight with Bishop Tobin have born good fruits? I'm curious to see what Representative Kennedy does next -- but if he's honestly seeking out God's will, good things will result. And honestly, if he's taking the Shrivers as his roll models, he shouldn't go wrong.

H/T K-Lo in the Corner

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John Sanzone said...

His comments smack of a distancing from the public perception of the Kennedys, it seems. If so, good!