Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Funny, but not in a good way

Ok, first of all the guy dressed as a sheep at the end is really disturbing...and not well done at all.

BUT there's a larger problem with this ad -- notice all the images of sheep, and the way Fiorina keeps associating her opponent with pigs? The whole thing reminded me of Animal Farm.

Now, it's bad enough that she's referring to the primary voters of California as stupid sheep-- way to go, Carly, offend the electorate! What's even worse is that once you start thinking about Animal Farm, you're bound to think of its most sympathetic character... Boxer... but that's also the name of the Democrat Fiorina hopes to run against.

So she made an ad that simultaneously insults the voters AND gives them warm and fuzzy feelings about her opponent. Also, you'd think that someone with Silicon Valley connections could invest in decent video editing software-- I really hope SNL and the Daily show pick this one up-- would be HILARIOUS.

H/T The Weekly Standard

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