Friday, January 15, 2010

Princess and the Frog--My brief take

We took the kids to see Princess and the Frog last night and had the theatre to ourselves -- we all loved it!! The animation was gorgeous (especially a musical number done in the style of poster art) and the music was great.

A few weeks ago, I'd read a review complaining about the lack of Christian imagery in the film. Jeffery Weiss complains that

The chances are pretty close to 100 percent that a successful, stable
African-American family like Tiana's in 1920s New Orleans would have been
hitting church on Sundays. We see family meals, a party, a wedding and a
funeral.But there's not a whisper of Christianity in the narrative.

A few beefs here -- The wedding at the end is CLEARLY in a church-- there are pews and an altar in the background. And the no-religion funeral? It wasn't for Tiana's dead father (as I'd assumed from the reviews). It was for an ANIMAL CHARACTER! So basically, the criticism seems pretty hollow to me-- trying to find fault in an otherwise solid "Disney Princess" movie.

I think Tiana may be my favorite princess so far (with Belle a close second)-- she's smart, sweet, hardworking, and comes from a nice family..... and since she's 'normal' (her dad's a working class guy who dreams of opening a restaurant, her mom's a seamstress, and she lives in a little shotgun-style house where neighbors gather on the front porch to share gumbo), my girls relate to her too.... even her dream -- owning her own business--is a realistic one, and yet Disney made it seem as magical and worthwhile as Cinderella's dream of waltzing at a fancy ball....

And the music was enough to keep a toddler boy happy---

So I'd say it's a keeper-- we'll get it on DVD for sure!

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Jen Raiche said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I'm always wary of Disney films. We'll definitely check it out. =)