Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Resolutions 2010

Because if I publish them on my blog, then I won't lose them!

1. Get my family onto a schedule that *I* can live with. Right now, the kids are running things. Which means we stay up too late and sleep in too long. Apparently they picked up some weird night-owl gene, probably from my husband's family.

But I'm at my best around 5 am. So this year, I'm going to work towards weaning the kids off their crazy schedule and onto the good, wholesome schedule of a morning person! (Yes, the girls have said they want to be night-shift nurses, but while they're under my roof...)

I've also made up my 'ideal' schedule, and am going to try to put it into effect. It's not as strict as a Holly Pierlot, Mother's Rule type -- my kids are still pretty young, and need a lot of supervision. But it should let me keep chaos to a minimum on days when the baby isn't having a growth spurt and no one is sick.

2. Submit my rewritten novel a few more times before I give up. I was just going to give up on this one. I hadn't looked at it for several months. I decided to edit it one last time and suddenly realized, "Hey, this is really good. And a lot of fun!" I honestly think the main problem (now that I fixed the first chapter) is that my query letter was too weak. So next month I'll try again.

3. Finish my current WIP. I'm behind my self-imposed schedule, mostly because this pregnancy/childbirth/recovery took a lot more out of me than the first 4 (counting Paul). I think I'm getting old. Everyone warned me that after 30 things get tougher, and well, it turns out they're right. So the next few months will be mega-writing time.

4. Make the monthly "evening of recollection" at church. Our new pastor is starting these up in January. They're on a night I have free, they're only 1 1/2 hours long, and they're less than a mile from our current house (and will be even closer if we sell and manage to move!). They're going to have spiritual talks, quiet adoration time, confession and Benediction! How can I miss out? (It actually sounds a lot like what our youth group here does... except for us non-youth! )

So, there they are. Not too ambitious (except the 'turn my family into morning people!'), but about what I need this year.


Olive Tree Guitar Ensemble said...

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I could tell how much efforts you've taken on it.
Keep doing!

Jen Raiche said...

Okay. I have the exact opposite problem that you have regarding moring/evening people. I am NOT a morning person (an ideal morning starts for me at 8 am).

However, after creating a Mother's Rule of Life schedule, I realize that I really need to get up by 6:30. Not too hard, right? Wrong! I have not been able to get up. At. All.

I was about ready to give up today, as I rolled out of bed at 8. Then, I recalled the idea a priest put forth on New Years Day. "Often," he said, "we base our ideas for the future on the past. However, with God, the future can be entirely different."

I am going to begin praying (earnestly) that God will change me. There is no way I can do this on my own. But, with God, the future can be unimaginable!

God bless!

p.s. thanks for putting up your resolutions! =)

Deirdre Mundy said...

Jen - I still think the MRFL must work better for people with older kids-- I mean, she has everyone working independantly at some times of day -- and in my house? That would mean no work getting done--- the kids still need supervision!

For me, a HUGE struggle is to accept the fact that with small kids, I have to be less ambitious. (And with a newborn, if I get laundry and dishes done, it's a miracle! :) )

´´Saray´´ said...

Good luck in resubmitting your novel, never give up. Remember what happened with JK Rowling and so many others... lots of rejection slips from publishing houses but they made it at the end :)
Believing in yourself and landing your work at the right door is all you need.
Greetings from Spain.