Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm not Dead Yet!

But getting the house on the market is taking longer than I thought!! Monday is our hard deadline, though. We're not doing ANYTHING FUN before then, and we're going to get everything painted, decluttered, weeded and cleaned.

And then we'll wait... there are about 24 houses in the price range we'll be listing at. And at least 2 of them are great deals in awesome neighborhoods and will have to sell before ours can, I think.

But with prayer and luck, maybe we can be into the new house before winter and the baby hit? (Winter is the big problem. The walls start closing in when it gets too cold for the kids to spend a few hours a day outside..... and Ben can't be outside unchaperoned (he likes streets), and the new baby won't be ABLE to spend lots of time outside for a few months.........)

Anyway, I'm still around, and once the house is on the market I will:
1. Answer DA's question about Christian Stewardship, the Environment, and Large Families
2. Blog stuff and pictures
3. Actually get back to work on my novels!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sis - Don't forget the power of St. Joseph buried upside down in the front lawn facing the house. Good luck! And happy belated birthday.