Friday, July 17, 2009

Even More Boring Than Usual

Sorry to be even more boring than usual this week....

I have a self-imposed deadline for Sunday that I'm scrambling to meet. Then, I spent two days lost in books--


I'd been on the waitlist at the library for months, and then they both came in at one! So that pretty much ate up all my free time this week. But both books were totally worth it....

Except I have one MAJOR beef with Ally Carter's book. She ended on a CLIFFHANGER. And she's not even done writing book 4 yet! She'd better not pull a Robert Jordan or a George R.R. Martin on us.....

I was sad to see Percy's part of the story end at the end of "The Last Olympian," but I'm glad to know that Riordan is planning more books set in the 'Camp Halfblood' universe-- I'm a sucker for heart-stopping adventure laced with references to Classics!!

Anyway, back to working on the chapter from Hades.... (This is the same one I've been working on since EA kicked my butt in critique-- But I think I finally have a handle on how to write it so that it satisfies me, and will satisfy someone who hates being plopped down into a strange situation... we'll see....)

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