Friday, June 12, 2009

Parenting Posts at Associated Content

Over at Associated Content, I've got a couple of new parenting posts up. I figure, in a world where most people my age don't have any kids, and where most folks are going to have one or two at most, having three (with the expectation of more!) makes me some kind of an expert, right?

I mean sure, if you compare me to the CATHOLIC mommy-bloggers (Danielle Bean, Elizabeth Foss, etc.) three isn't many. But in the general population? Especially at a time when most of the folks I went to school with are just having their first?

Besides, who can turn their nose up at an oppurtunity to get PAID for advice???

In other news, Flix has turned a corner--I'm into chapter 4 of the new, improved, plot, and things are picking up. The story is starting to go forward under its own steam now. The one problem I'm having? I keep wanting to put in this awesome cool scene that DOESN'T FIT. Maybe I can save it in case I set another book in the same world? Or maybe I can stick it in, knowing it will have to be cut later, just to get it off my back?

Oh, and I'm nearly done my latest short story and my Yeller first-chapter rewrite-- of course, once I'm done rewriting the first chapter, I'll have to go back through the book and rewrite the rest, too. =) Don't worry, I DO save old drafts......

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Associated Content said...

Glad to see you are a writer for AC! I am as well and will tweet your articles on my AC Twitter profile (ID: acwriter01).