Monday, May 4, 2009

Hannah Montana Rocks!

So we took the kids to see the Hannah Montana Movie this weekend. (Hey, our first-run theatre is only 1.50 a ticket. And the baby's free. So for 6$, we all got to go..... totally worth it...)

It was really cute! With good music and several laugh-out-loud scenes. My husband and I both enjoyed it. Well, he said it made him a little sad, since it reminded him that our sweet little girls will be teenagers some day, but, other than that........

My 5 year old was totally enchanted and trying to sing along even though she didn't know the songs. My 3 year old loved the comedy (lots of slapstick, crazy situations, etc.) and the baby liked the music, dogs, and horses.

So yeah. It was totally worth the 6$. Might have even been worth 20! =)


Martha Flynn said...

Only $1.50 a ticket??? WOW!

matthew archbold said...

my kids really enjoyed it too. We paid a lot more than $6 though. The girls loved it though. They walk around the house singing all the songs. So cute.