Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Back to Blogging

Well, We're back from vacation (I didn't announce it in advance because I'm all security-conscious like that.)

My favorite moment from our trip to Alabama was the last day, when Grandma was trying to get a family picture. Ben, our toddler, wouldn't look at the camera. Instead, he was leaning over my shoulder, trying to throw himself to the ground, and shrieking "Cool! Cool!"

I had no idea what his problem was, but after we finally snapped a picture, I set him down and asked, "What's cool?"

He ran off into the bushes and a wild anole skittered up a tree trunk. "Cool Dagon!" he crowed.

So my son isn't actually insane, he just likes lizards. Except he thinks they're dragons. This is going to make St. George seem SO much less cool!

When we got back, we went to the ND Response Mass and Rally. It was a great day. Erin Manning, AKA Red Cardigan posted my account on her blog, if anyone cares. =)

And, finally, a warning. While I'll continue random cool-stuff, kidlit and writing-life blogging, I'm probably also going to start posting a series of longer essays. Mostly because I keep writing them in my head, my husband's sick of hearing them, and I'd like people to discuss these ideas with. Oh, and because it's rude to post page-long essays with parenthetical notes in other people's comboxes.

So, in an effort to be polite to my favorite bloggers, my blogging is about to get more frequent and more essayish--- I'll try to tag things and give warnings so people who AREN'T interested can just skim those entries!

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