Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Whipped by the WIP

Well, I figured out today why I've had such a bone-breaking, soul-crushing time forging ahead on my WIP. A side plot had hijacked the whole thing, and it wasn't even a particularly INTERESTING side plot, especially when told from an MG perspective.

SO I'm starting over, at a different place with a different plot. And as for that side-plot and those other characters? Well, they were a bit too YA for the work at hand. I'm shoving them back into my "If I ever want to write YA pile" and forgetting about them for now.

Meanwhile, Flix and Vester are back at the beginning... and this time there's a lot more excitement and a lot less melodrama.... we'll see how this try goes. At least my other 20,000 words weren't completely wasted--- the plot was a mess, but the setting was awesome, so I can keep that knowledge of the world for my new story! =)

I also have a short story that's finally ready for a full first draft, and I need to write that new first chapter of Ben (Which should some of the other problems I'd had with him.....)

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