Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Totally Out of My League

Looking for an agent reminds me of high school crushes.

For instance, I just subbed to someone who is TOTALLY out of my league. I mean, yeah, he IS one of the few agents who represent middle-grade science fiction.

(Aside: What is it with agents only wanting to represent the LITERARY stuff? Maybe I can pitch my novel as the tenderly written story of a young boy on a voyage of self discovery.... with explosions? No? How about a young boy learns important lessons about love and betrayal when he becomes part of an elite group of super heroes? Oh well...)

Anyway, he reps my genre, but...... but...... he has a couple big names. Really big names. Like "When I was in junior high all my babysitting money went to their books" names. In fact, I didn't even MENTION why I thought I was a good fit in the letter, because I couldn't keep from gushing and sounding like a crazed fangirl instead of a responsible, adult, author.

Then I did a search for his name plus "interview" and found out he used to represent Clarke and Dick, before they died.

I. Am. So. Not. In. This. Guy's. League.

But I subbed anyway. Because my husband said "go for it!" But I know that, deep down, he's just hoping I get a request from this guy so he can brag to his friends next time he's at Gencon.

Anyway, that's another sub out at least. And Flix and Vester are trudging along, about to break into a run now that the school visit is safely behind me!

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Martha Flynn said...

The high school crush thing is soooooo true!

When my agent agreed to rep me and called I was gleeful. And every time she emails me I still get all giddy. Bizarre, but I can't help it!