Sunday, March 8, 2009

My First School Visit

I did my first school visit yesterday. I found a few things surprising:

1. The total exhaustion afterwords. Being fresh and fun and enthusiastic for 90 first and second graders (split into 3 groups) totally wiped me out. I was asleep by 7 pm!

2. The kids favorite parts were seeing the magazines with my work in them, and the handout with places that they could send their work. They were so-so on the activity.

3. The huge range of ability levels/ages in just two grades. I'd hoped a group activity would even things out, but..... I need to rethink my activities for the next time.

4. Also, there were a fair number of kids with Aspereger's (Hadn't realized how common it was!) and they kind of did their own thing... (they did the group activity independently, and, not wanting to force things, I just treated them like groups of one. Which would have been fine, except that then a few other kids who had the ABILITY to work in groups, but not the desire, got cranky. )

So, in the end, it was a lot of fun, really hard, and I need to tweak my presentation a bit.

(Also, I realized that my idea of first graders was a bit optimistic. I assumed they would be like older, more competent, and less distractable versions of my own, super-ADHD, 5 year old..... um, no. Some of them were, some of them were actually about where she is. But some of the second graders were more like third graders so...... I don't know how early elementary teachers DO it! =) )

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matthew archbold said...

I taught for one year right after college. Never again. Never again.