Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More self-promotion

But this time shameful, not shameless.

A while back, I submitted a first page for critique. With each passing day, I've grown more afraid, and more certain that it's not good enough.

Well, Editorial Anonymous got to my first page today. The verdict? I pretty much totally suck. So I tried a rewrite, but mostly I want to withdraw this MS from submission to agents, stuff it in the furthest, most cobwebby recesses of my hard drive, and never see it again. And just focus on my new WIP which is way better anyway. And my magazine work, since that's at least decent.

Now, excuse me while I crawl under a rock and die a thousand deaths. ..... My favorite kidlit blogger hates my writing! Arghhhhhhhhhhhh. Maybe, when I feel a bit better, I'll go weep on Verla Kay's board for a while. But for now, I'll devote myself to dishes and laundry. It's probably what I SHOULD be spending my time on anyway......

1 comment:

Editorial Anonymous said...

Oh, Deirdre, don't take it that way! It needs some revision (in MY opinion, which is only my opinion) and maybe a little re-focus on the scene, but that's not such a challenge. You can do that!