Monday, March 30, 2009

In springtime, a young mother's thoughts turn to...

Greek and Latin. Maybe it's because my reoccurring 'final exam and I didn't study' dreams have started up again. Maybe it's because it was around this time of year that I left Chicago and arrived in Greece. Maybe something about the longer days, the greener grass and the warmer temperatures just make me yearn for a blanket on the quads, the Middle Liddell, and Sophocles.

Maybe I'm just avoiding today's toil by yearning for yesterday's.

Hard to tell. But for the moment, I've got classics on the brain 24-7.

Ooh! Maybe it's just that the final installment of Percy Jackson is ALMOST HERE!

1 comment:

julie said...

i have a similar dream, but with a twist: not only did i not study for the final, i didn't go to class all semester because i thought i had dropped the class!