Monday, March 30, 2009

Awesome Historical Rejections

T.S. Eliot rejects Animal Farm. I especially loved his regret at having to pass, since the editor who accepted it would also get all of Orwell's future work.

And his argument IS an interesting criticism of the politics of Animal Farm. I'll have to find my copy (first american edition--woohoo! Unfortunately missing the DJ, so only collectible to me) and reread it so I can see if I agree with Elliot's take.

(I know my politics have changed considerably since I last read the book. And my view of human nature has changed too... so it will be a fun reread!)

H/T to the amazing Ann Althouse, who you really OUGHT to be reading, if you're not already. She's really got an awesome community of commenters, so her combox arguments are a great read.

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