Monday, February 23, 2009

The Doors of my dreams....

These doors are completely AWESOME. What a great way to get more room for your books without losing wall space? And lets face it... your average door is totally useless.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Crazy Idea

It is a truth universally acknowledged that congress consists of idiots. I mean, seriously-- banning kid's books from before 1985? Demanding that all military ground vehicles should be unmanned by 2015? Stimulating the NATIONAL economy by building more office buildings... in DC??!?!?!?!

But the way things are currently set up, we're not going to get intelligent people in political offices. Who wants to uproot their family, and move to DC (very expensive) for a job that might only last 2 years, or 6 if you're a senator? Especially when you have to SPEND money to GET the job in the first place???

So here's my idea-- why does the central govt. need to be so central? I mean sure, in the days when mail could take a month to cross the country it made sense to put all the legislators in DC. But now? With the internet? They could do all their wheeling and dealing from home, and meet maybe 2 or 3 times a year to vote.

"Ah," my husband says. "But making these deals by internet wouldn't be secure. Hackers could make all their internal correspondence public!"

And I say, "GREAT!" Why not make the earmark/amendment process COMPLETELY transparent? Let the people know when their senator is trading campaign contributions for votes and pork! Let everyone see what scumbags politicians really are!

And, if the process was open and you could legislate from home, maybe we'd get higher quality legislators!

Because really, these days, the only people who run for office are those who are good at running for office--not at running things. And I'd rather have a funny-looking Senator with good ideas but poor public speaking skills than a photogenic, made-for-tv idiot.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Celebrating Cyril and Methodius Day!

Around here, we don't do Valentine's Day. I stopped celebrating it in college. I love chocolate, but it's so much sweeter at 75% off! And then you get more, too!

We make Valentines for the grandparents because they care, and because the kids enjoy it.

But, for the most part, we put all our efforts towards celebrating Cyril and Methodius, instead.

Why? Because today is THEIR feast day, too! And they invented an ALPHABET. (That's why the Russian Alphabet is called 'Cyrrillic" and looks suspiciously Greek. Cyril and Methodius created it so the Slavs could have their own translation of the Bible.)

Seriously. The guys were awesome. Look them up: Cyril and Methodius in the Catholic Encyclopedia.

So how will we Mundys be celebrating?

Greek Chicken and Potatoes. (MMMM Greek food)
Maybe a big budget classic hollywood Greek flick?

.....oh. And Pink Cupcakes. For the kids.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Words, Words, Words!

Do you ever get a word stuck in your head? For me, when I do, it's like a song I can't stop singing. Except, in this case, it's a word I can't stop thinking, that keeps trying to sneak out into my typing.

Today, I have Palimpset stuck in my head. Worst of all, I can't remember what it means! Oh well, off to the dictionary. (I have the Chambers. It's marvelous, and a gift from my husband. Every page has words I don't know! what a luxury!)

oops! I was spelling it wrong! It's Palimpsest! And it means: A manuscript in which old writing has been rubbed out to make room for new; a monumental brass turned over for a new inscription.....

Suddenly, I remember where I first heard this word. And why I love it. And why it's stuck in my head at this particular place in my WIP, which DOES involve some ancient archives. Oooh. And, in a way, the whole plot may hinge on a palimpsest! I see now!!!!!

By the way....I am sane, really. I just like words.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Two steps back

I just had to delete everything I wrote yesterday. It was dull, melodramatic and took the story in a dumb direction.

ARGH. Well, at least I can rewrite the scene and do it better this time. I hope. Maybe I should just insert a line note like: Get hero out of this situation through a combination of pluck, bravery and wit, move on to the next scene, and deal with it in the revision.

Except, since I don't work from an outline, the content of the next scene sort of depends on this one.

ARGH. Well, if I forge ahead, I guess I can always fix it in revision.

Ooh! Wait!!!! I just figured it out...... woohoo! Thank you, magic writerly blog of doom!!!!!