Saturday, January 3, 2009

Some Stats on My Career To Date

# of Submissions: 38
# of sales : 7

Batting Average: .184

# of Submissions: 27
# of sales: 1

Batting Average: .037

# of Submissions: 88
# of sales: 1

Batting Average: .011

# of Submissions: 25 (counting resubmissions on revision requests)
# of sales : 2

Batting Average: .08

A few Observations:

1. Even though the first year of writing was my highest Batting Average, I've made steadily more money every year.

2. This year was my best year ever, and I made twice as much as my next best year. A big reason for this is that I shifted from writing poems in 2005, to writing short stories. And now I'm trying to move over into novels!

3. In 2007 I made a phenomenal number of submissions relative to my productivity. Why? I think it was my "Cocky Year." I'd just joined SCBWI, I thought my picture book manuscripts were awesome (they weren't) and I subbed them to every publisher in creation. I'm just glad that no one remembers the slush. Because I am seriously embarrassed for myself.

4. I've also made fewer submissions as my work becomes more targeted and I now favor certain magazines. Also my novel writing is taking up a lot of time, so I only take the time to submit a short story if I think it has a very good shot of being accepted, or at least seriously considered. After all, any time spent subbing is time NOT spent writing.

5. I expect my stats to be pretty poor this year as I'm including agent subs in the numbers, and I expect that, like other first-time novelists, I'll have to try many agents before I find the right fit.

Anyway, I thought these #s might be useful to others just starting out in the submission game. I DO think I could improve them if I was a more prolific writer. We'll see what happens as the kids get older....

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Brandon Barr said...

I love how you show your stats! That's a great idea.

My stats would look pretty similar, however you've submitted a lot more than me. On that I give you kudos! I get lazy, and have to find the motivation to re-send something...