Monday, January 5, 2009

One of those days

I just advanced my plot more by deleting 600 words than I had by adding them in the first place.

Don't have to cut the character, at least. I just realized that her story was a lot further along when my MCs story started.

Still, work is going slowly right now. The kids are still sugared up from Christmas and need constant supervision (Need to get back to whole grains and veggies!!!!), i STILL have to finish my Christmas cards, and I'm distracted by the Wii. My first draft for Flix is going to be nearly as bare as my first for Yeller, I think. The difference is that this time I KNOW where i need to go back and flesh things out, and I'm noting that as I work.

So this time around, friends will have an easier job telling me what stinks!

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Brandon Barr said...

That's great your working on a novel.

I did the same thing (minus the poems). I did three years of short stories, then finally tackled the novel.

What's your novel about? What genre?