Monday, December 29, 2008

My Writing Year in Review and Resolutions for 2009

Last year I resolved that I wanted to break into nonfiction-- Well, I didn't. But I DID break into Highlights, which is awesome!!!!!

Last year I resolved to finish a novel... and "Yeller" is now (I hope!) agent-ready!

Last year I also resolved to make this blog useful to other writers... but mid-year I decided that I didn't really have the time because of the novel. But at least I spun all my babbling about family, religion and politics off into another blog, so that's SORT of an improvement, right?

So... This year's resolutions:
1. Find an agent for Yeller.

2. Write my new WIP, have agent-ready by Jan 1, 2010. (1 1/2 chapters done on my first draft. Already know where I'll need to revise, but since I work without an outline, draft 1 doesn't like being bogged down in details.. I have to figure out what's HAPPENING first.)

3. Work on a few short stories I have bopping around

4. Research and write my non-fiction piece that involves local history. If it sells, donate the money to help build a baby cemetery in La Porte. (This goal will also keep me motivated. I do so much better when my earnings are already slotted for something!)

and, not quite writing related, but....

Plan a 1rst grade curriculum for my daughter, finish Kindergarten by July or August. (At this point, we are year-round schoolers, because she cries if we take more than a few days off....)

Oh yeah... and one EASY resolution: Send out my Highlights Contest entry first thing on Jan 2!!!

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