Friday, December 5, 2008

I have NO self control.

I wasn't going to start novel #2 until January. I was going to stick to Highlights and waiting around for a couple of friends to give me feedback on novel #1.

But... I've been having nightmares. Horrible nightmares about my kids coughing up blood, or being arrested by the Cuban government for giving political prisoners toothbrushes or,..... well... bad stuff.

And I know, from experience, that nightmares go away if I write a fair bit of fiction during the day.

So I started #2 today. Just the first 300 words so far, but only because chores are waiting. Besides, at 400-500 words a day, it only takes me 3-4 months to get a rough draft done! (MG novels are short, what can I say?)

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