Monday, December 29, 2008

My Writing Year in Review and Resolutions for 2009

Last year I resolved that I wanted to break into nonfiction-- Well, I didn't. But I DID break into Highlights, which is awesome!!!!!

Last year I resolved to finish a novel... and "Yeller" is now (I hope!) agent-ready!

Last year I also resolved to make this blog useful to other writers... but mid-year I decided that I didn't really have the time because of the novel. But at least I spun all my babbling about family, religion and politics off into another blog, so that's SORT of an improvement, right?

So... This year's resolutions:
1. Find an agent for Yeller.

2. Write my new WIP, have agent-ready by Jan 1, 2010. (1 1/2 chapters done on my first draft. Already know where I'll need to revise, but since I work without an outline, draft 1 doesn't like being bogged down in details.. I have to figure out what's HAPPENING first.)

3. Work on a few short stories I have bopping around

4. Research and write my non-fiction piece that involves local history. If it sells, donate the money to help build a baby cemetery in La Porte. (This goal will also keep me motivated. I do so much better when my earnings are already slotted for something!)

and, not quite writing related, but....

Plan a 1rst grade curriculum for my daughter, finish Kindergarten by July or August. (At this point, we are year-round schoolers, because she cries if we take more than a few days off....)

Oh yeah... and one EASY resolution: Send out my Highlights Contest entry first thing on Jan 2!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Moon Sand?!?!?! A Lunar Mess!

So, we got Moon Sand as a gift. The kids and I were excited--we'd heard a lot of nice things about it, after all.

It IS easy to mold and play with. And the texture IS pleasantly sand-like. Unfortunately, this also means that, like sand, it gets EVERYWHERE. It's MUCH harder to clean up than playdoh, and the baby is on a moon-sand spree through the house!

My advice? Stick with the play-doh. It's cheaper and cleaner!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I want to write

The kids are not as sick as they were earlier. They're pretty content and quiet right now.

So I should write, right?

Except I'm sleep deprived, coming down with the same cold, and smell like vomit. So instead of writing, I'm waiting for my husband to return with my sudafed. Then I'm going to shower, and sleep.

And probably have nightmares, since sudafed always gives me FREAKY SURREAL dreams. (I hate surreal dreams. I prefer boring, run of the mill dreams. I want to save surreal for my fiction, thank you very much!)

Special Effects and Acting

I just watched Wizard of Oz with my 3 year old. The special effects are...horrendous. Almost funny.

But the witch is still REALLY scary, even at my age! And Dorothy is still sweet and lovable.

In 50 years, people will probably find OUR cutting edge special effects laughable. But will our acting hold up as well as the witches?

Friday, December 12, 2008

Light Blogging

This Blog will probably be quietor a while. We lost the baby, and any miscarriage blogging will be over at my "Country Style Mustard" blog...

Friday, December 5, 2008

I have NO self control.

I wasn't going to start novel #2 until January. I was going to stick to Highlights and waiting around for a couple of friends to give me feedback on novel #1.

But... I've been having nightmares. Horrible nightmares about my kids coughing up blood, or being arrested by the Cuban government for giving political prisoners toothbrushes or,..... well... bad stuff.

And I know, from experience, that nightmares go away if I write a fair bit of fiction during the day.

So I started #2 today. Just the first 300 words so far, but only because chores are waiting. Besides, at 400-500 words a day, it only takes me 3-4 months to get a rough draft done! (MG novels are short, what can I say?)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Great Essay on Teens and Twighlight!

In the Atlantic.

I haven't read the books, and probably won't-- There are other books higher on my "must read" list. (Like Temeraire #6! I can't wait till it comes out!)

But the commentary on Meyer's work has definitely been fascinating.

Monday, December 1, 2008


I'm still wrestling with my Highlights entry. But I think I finally found a way to grab the story...
I firmed up my setting, which helped be get a better hold on my two main characters.....

So I'm going to write it through again. Hopefully this time I'll get a version that's actually worth editing!

This story has been really frustrating!!! But usually the stories that cause me the most grief are the ones that come out best in the end. And one of the reasons I write and submit is to overcome my crippling tendencies towards laziness and procrastination.

So this is good for me, even though, at the moment, it's bad. Ack! I'm going to take a break and fold some laundry.... at least the house gets cleaner when my writing is going poorly!

Big Announcement!

We've told the grandparents, so now we can tell the world:

Mundy Baby #4 will arrive at the beginning of July!

The kids are already fighting for naming rights. Hopefully, sanity will prevail! =-)

(And, to make life even better, my three-year-old is now potty trained!)