Friday, November 21, 2008

Writing Life this week...

I'm reading "Predictable Irrationality" by Dan Ariely. It's really cool behavioral economics, with lots of case studies and descriptions of how he designs his experiments. Fun!

On the editing front, I've put half the edits in. So if I should be done by Thanksgiving! Then I can email my WIP to some Genre readers (and my husband) and find out if there are any MEGA problems I'm missing (improbably characters, dragging plot, the sorts of things that will make them throw the book across the room)

Then I can start my agent search.... My top 3 right now are:

-The Andrea Brown Agency (still trying to decide which agent to sub to) because they're top-notch and I've been impressed with how conscientious they are.

-Stimlitz Literary because I've gotten some good feedback about them from other writers who've worked with them.


Nelson Literary - Because even though she doesn't do a TON of MG yet, she's looking for more and she knows editors who want commercial MG with a male MC.... and that's my story! =)

After I hear back from those three, I'll start round two. And if I exhaust everyone? I'll probably submit to a few of my favorite open publishers, and by the time I hear back on THOSE, my second novel will be ready to try to find an agent!

Anyway, that's the plan for the upcoming year. We'll see how it goes.... I'm hoping my book is as good as I think it might be, but the Genre readers will help me there.....

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