Sunday, November 23, 2008

Want to be Happy? Go read a book!

This makes a lot of sense to me for a couple of reasons:

1. When my dear sweet little angels watch more than a tightly controlled amount of TV, they turn into a demonic horde. (I do make exceptions when they're sick, because keeping them comatose on the couch is better for healing than 2 hours of hide-and-seek-tag-monster-ballet-acrobatics. )

2. Even though I like TV and have two shows I adore, I don't watch it much. I sometimes think about it--after all, it's easier now that you can watch online and don't have to be glued to the set at a certain time. BUT --- there are other things I'd rather do. An hour of Terry Pratchett gives me more pleasure than an hour of "Chuck." A half-hour of Charlotte's Web is fun for me AND the kids and counts as "Home-Schooling."

And I have books to write, chores to do, e-mail to send.......

People who build their lives around TV and when certain shows come on are destined to be less happy. Because they're chasing after the wrong thing (A new episode!!!!) and, in the end, it will only disappoint.

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