Thursday, November 13, 2008

As for the edit....

There's something dizzying and giddy-making about finally getting to edit my WIP on actual PAPER (140 pages of it!) with HIGHLIGHTERS (color-coded changes, and the thrill of a page that only has one or two minor mistakes!)

Also, as I read, I realize it's better than I thought. It's not perfect yet, but it hums along pretty nicely. And I'm compiling my agent list and working on my query and generally feeling good about a January submission date.

Also, Pubrants said publishers are really looking for commercial MG fiction right now..... which is where my WIP falls! Hooray for fun sci-fi adventures for 9-12 year old boys!! =)

So I'm feeling pretty good at this point... and I can't wait to start book #2 (another scifi, completely different setting...)... Once I finish that Highlights contest entry... grumble...grumble....

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