Friday, October 31, 2008

ARGH! Worst Kid's Book EVER

I just finished The Blood Root Flower by Kathy Callaway. I picked it up at the library sale a few years back-- It's a historical fiction about pioneers in Northern Minnesota.

So I was expecting something like "Little House on the Prairie."

The writer is proof that having an MFA and publishing a lot of prestigious literary fiction for adults does NOT mean that you're ready to write for kids. Also, just because your main character is 12 doesn't mean it's a kids book.

In the first couple chapters of this book, the beloved father died from tetanus. (OK... fine...) Then the spinster aunt committed suicide. Then things started to get REALLY bad (child abuse, kidnappers, bear-attacks, blindness, poison, tornadoes...) This book made Job look like a fun-filled madcap romp.

It WAS well written. It just was NOT a children's book by any stretch of the imagination. Sure, the jacket flap SAID it was a children's book. But it wasn't. It wasn't even YA. It was adult literary fiction with a young main character.

I can totally see why it got weeded. And it is DEFINITELY going back to the book sale from whence it came!

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