Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cybil Awards.

They're looking for judges over here.

Unfortunately, since my blogging has been so lame this year, I'm not eligible! So, a new resolution: Become a better blogger so I can be a Cybil panelist!

But I'll have to put that on hold until after mega-rewrite is done (I'm halfway through, but the first half needed less help than the second half, so it will be slow going.)

Plus, I'm wrapping up research on my entry for the Highlights Fiction Contest, and have another short story in the works too. And I'm still working on novel #2, two.....

So, in short, I've no time to blog! It's too bad that comments on the Blueboards don't count!

(I've also stopped following writing news as much as the presidential race heats up.... It's the taint of having grown up very close to the beltway--- I follow politics the was some folks follow football!)

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