Monday, July 14, 2008

Fifteen Pages

At most, from the end of the mega-rewrite-that-ate-my-summer.

If only I could eliminate all chores, distractions, low blood sugar, exhaustion and insufficient caffination, I could be done by tomorrow. As is, If I let the chores slide, could I be done by Thursday?

I hope so.... but we'll see.....

On Queries and Synopses

I haven't really been keeping the Blog up-- Summer stuff + major rewriting have taken a huge toll on my free time.

BUT! Editorial Anonymous said something that I want to save for later, so I'm mentioning it here--

She (why do I assume she's a she?) was talking about how to write a synopsis and mentioned that the first page of a good synopsis is essentially an excellent query letter.....

SO does that mean a query letter is essentially the first page of a good synopsis? I hope so, because then when I start subbing in a few months, queries will be MUCH easier to write!