Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Busy, Busy!

We had house guests last week, so now the work's piled up.

I have to send a bibliography off to an editor (she didn't ask, but I offered, and I think she'll find it useful)

I'm auditioning for a new critique group (on the recommendation of one of my on-line friends)

I'm critiquing a manuscript (aiming for 10 pages a day)

I reached the halfway point on my WIP and discovered that one of the characters (not the MC, but one of his closest friends) INSISTED on doing things her own way, and now the interactions are getting kinda weird and there will probably need to be a sequel.......

Luckily, I'm also caught up on chores and falling into a pretty decent schedule for our current situation...but I need to get a lot of writing done before Mr. Man learns to crawl and I have to be more alert!

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