Monday, March 10, 2008

Leaving my Critique Group

As a New Year's resolution I joined an online critique group -- Because everyone said critique groups are great.....

But I'm beginning to think that "everyone" must have a lot more time and energy than me!

Because I only have 5 hours a week to write (which is why this blog is so pathetic!) so spending 1 to 1 1/2 hours a week critiquing is just NOT ok.....

Especially when I could be spending that time self-critiquing.

So it's back to my old routine of only submitting something for critique when I'm utterly stuck. Otherwise, I'll stick to the "ignore it for two weeks and then attack it like it belongs to a stranger who you're predisposed to hate" method.

I think I'm finding that most outside critiquers are just too gentle with me. And everything I've ever sold has been self-critiqued.

sigh. I DID really want the critique group thing to be as good as everyone else said it was. Ahh well. Has anyone else has this problem? Or am I just an anti-social, pressed for time, overly rigorous freak?

(I think part of my problem is I didn't join looking for affirmation and encouragement-- checks from magazines provide that! I wanted actual criticism. And literary discussion. And ideas about story arc and imagery and meaning and heck-- I'll just head over to Verla Kay every day--- I do that anyway! =) )

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