Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The End of British Childhood

is age eleven

I played with dolls into high school. I remember getting an "American Girls" catalogue in the mail when I was 12-- it made dolls socially acceptable again, because they were collectible and historically accurate.

I ended up with Samantha. And now I'm counting the years until my daughters are old enough for them.

I also find it hard to imagine a 13 or 14 year old being allowed to stay out past 11 or 12... after all, who's picking these kids up and driving them home?

Now, on a related note--does this mean YA really starts at 11? Would an American parent buy their child a book where an 11 year old drank and smoked and slept around?
I wouldn't, but as a Catholic home-schooler I realize that I'm not even on the same planet as main stream.....

Also, how many adults would enjoy WRITING a book about this sort of eleven-year old? Even if the child didn't realize how damaging their lifestyle was, wouldn't you just want to weep with every sentence you typed?

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